Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 09-11

So I thought I would quickly round up my thoughts on both the ending of TM8.0 and what I thought of the show in general.

Beware of spoilers in the coming paragraphs. You have been warned.

I think everyone who was watching this show knew that there were only a set number of outcomes to this story. If the initial premise is that the kids need to find their way back home, it’s likely that some of them probably won’t, just to drive the message home. And what’s the message? Earthquakes are really dangerous. So up until now, it was a question of who would survive, if anyone at all.

Would they kill the parents and finish with a “we will fight on in their honour” kind of thing? Would they kill Yuuki and/or Mirai in a sort of “your luck will eventually run out” kind of BAD END?

Well, one of the inevitable conclusions passed, but it passed in a way that I certainly wasn’t expecting for a show like this.

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