Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 09-11

So I thought I would quickly round up my thoughts on both the ending of TM8.0 and what I thought of the show in general.

Beware of spoilers in the coming paragraphs. You have been warned.

I think everyone who was watching this show knew that there were only a set number of outcomes to this story. If the initial premise is that the kids need to find their way back home, it’s likely that some of them probably won’t, just to drive the message home. And what’s the message? Earthquakes are really dangerous. So up until now, it was a question of who would survive, if anyone at all.

Would they kill the parents and finish with a “we will fight on in their honour” kind of thing? Would they kill Yuuki and/or Mirai in a sort of “your luck will eventually run out” kind of BAD END?

Well, one of the inevitable conclusions passed, but it passed in a way that I certainly wasn’t expecting for a show like this.

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London Expo 2009 Wrap-up

That special time of the year when I go back to work at university has came around again, which explains (but doesn’t forgive) the lack of postage on here. Reviews of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 will be eventually finished, when I get around to watching the last few eps.

Anyhow, this years October London MCM Expo happened last weekend, and I was there, along with record numbers of visitors. It’s always quite something to be at an event completely dominated by nerds. Every other person was in cosplay, some passing it off better than others, it must be said.

Read on after the break for a little breakdown of the event and some more photos.

The gaggle of people waiting to get in.

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Currently Watching: Shugo Chara!! Doki

I’m sure we all have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to anime. After all, weirdness comes with the territory. Well, here’s mine – it’s a show about finding out all about what you want to be, it’s positive and it’s got some really cool characters.

OK, OK, it’s a magical girl show aimed at girls over ten years younger than me. But that doesn’t matter. It’s awesome.

Shugo Chara!! Doki

Shugo Chara! is all about Amu Hinamori, a school pupil who is known for being “cool and spicy” (best Engrish ever) and having a very cold outward appearance, but deep down she is just a girl who wants to be loved.

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 08

I’ve been avoiding /a/ more than usual these days, not only because it can sometimes be the cesspool of the internet, but because it likes to spoil anime. Especially this one. At the time of writing, raws for the last episode of TM8.0 are starting to make their way to a tracker/bot near you. Having seen episode 8, I can honestly say I have no clue what will happen, or who will survive.

I have a feeling it’s going to turn out badly for at least one of our protagonists though. Because life isn’t always smooth.

Yuuki being stretchered away.

I thought this episode was really well done. If you think about the very premise of this show, it’s to show what a huge earthquake in Tokyo would look like, and what would result from it. It’s relatively easy to show chaos and destruction – that’s a given. But many are de-sensitised to that sort of thing. How do you really hit home that this is serious shit? Put your little brother, who you just started liking again, in a life-or-death situation. Then turn up the mindfuck and say he really is dead. With the body, complete with ghostly white face, there and all.

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 07

Putting the knowledge we learned back in the good old days when Tokyo was in one piece to good use now, as we’re reintroduced to the all-terrain earthquake robots who search for survivors under the rubble.

We’re also introduced to Kento, the robot nerd this episode. Mirai seems to have lots of foot in mouth moments here, especially when Kento tells her his family would be dead without them, accompanied by a token flashback. But Mirai, like you’re one to talk about nerds. I mean, frogs? Really?

Famous last words. :>

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 06

The calm and collected facade that Mari held was dropped for a while this episode, prompting some frantic phone calls and a seriously different Mari to the thoughtful one we’ve seen so far. She’s obviously quite a strong-willed person, having believed that both her mother and daughter would be fine without her. Though I don’t quite understand the logic that shaking landmass and falling buildings are no worries, while fires are the end of the world. It’s certainly something Mari’s worried about anyway. Hint at some past events? Perhaps some more shoehorning of essential earthquake knowledge. Or just a tool used to badly shift gears on Mari’s character to give her some more depth.

The number of close calls in this series is quite astonishing. On this weeks near miss, Mari is nearly hit full force by a fluorescent tube light, and the building next to out protagonists falls on its side. Is there any way all of these things could happen without anyone getting seriously hurt in the process?

This guy wasn't so lucky.

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