The Eternal Debate

It’s time to open that can of worms. No, not the fansub one, but the other one. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s sub vs. dub time! After all, this is an anime blog, ergo, there should be something concerning sub vs. dub, right? This issue has been played to death and, in all honesty, I know you probably don’t want to hear the same old arguments all over again. However, it’s important for me to get my views out there, and though I do sit on the fence quite a lot, my bottom is sore and I need to stretch my legs a bit before getting back on it.

First off, an admission. I am an anime pirate, and I am ashamed of that fact. I would love to be able to say that my anime fix is satisfied through legitimate channels, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. It’s completely doable, so any excuse I give will be just that – an excuse. The truth is if that we stop spending money, the western anime industry will fall to it’s knees, and we’ll be the ones to blame. I’m aiming for perfection, and the industry, now particularly the UK industry, is certainly doing better than it was before to help me and other fans along the way. Take the latest batch of ADV Films and Manga Entertainment releases (E’s Otherwise, The GITS SAC Trilogy, et al) that shove whole series into relatively affordable boxes at fairly low per-episode prices. I’m reminded of a great video the NYAF put out to bring an answer to the question I’ve set out to answer…

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