Strike Witches 03 – “Lonely No More”

Well, here we are. Our brave young heroine Yoshika is now a member of the 501st, and here’s her first proper taste of battle on the frontline of the English Channel.

Most of the episode focuses on the new relationship between Lynette and Yoshika. There isn’t really anything new to report on the character side of Yoshika. She’s still one of those “I’ve got to do my best” types with no real deviation from that path yet.

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Strike Witches 02 – “To Do What I Can”

The majority of this episode is concerned with the Neuroi attack on the fleet, which mainly consisted of a huge airship blowing up lots of ships resulting undoubtedly in lots of casualties. It never really felt like that during the battle though – more like a test of will for Yoshika. We know from the first episode that she’s a bit stubborn and headstrong, as many stereotypical anime protagonists are, so now we get to see which she values more – pacifism or protection.

For an episode of Strike Witches from what little we know or can assume about it so far, it seems like a fairly serious episode.

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